Safe Secure Private Storage

Byzantium offers bespoke Secure, Private Storage within the heart of George Town the capital of the Cayman Islands.  Byzantium incorporates a full precious metals brokerage as well as smelting and refining services. Please contact us today to find out how we can best serve your storage and precious metals needs.

Byzantium Services

Byzantium is your bespoke brokerage, storage and refining / smelting partner in the Cayman Islands.


“Byzantium offers a fantastic service. We have the utmost trust in their services and security. They are our go to in the precious metals industry and we highly recommend them.”

Jay Jones

Obelisk Global

“If you’re looking for affordable gold storage and the idea of having it on an island in the Americas appeals to you, you can reach the folks at Byzantium”

Andrew Henderson

Nomad Capitalist

“Byzantium is our trusted precious metals services provider. Bespoke precious metals services and best in class vaulting solutions ensure an exceptional experience for our clients .”

John Moore

Moore and Moore Investments

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Find out how we can assist you with all of your precious metals needs, whether it’s storage, purchasing, or sales you require, our experienced staff are here to help.  Please message us so that we can schedule to discuss your needs further.