Document Storage

Secure Document Storage

A lot of companies do not have the space to store physical copies of all the documents government regulations require them to store. The boxes often pile up in different locations throughout the office and without any kind of real organization it becomes a tedious job to wade through all the boxes and locations in order to find what you are looking for. This search can waste a lot of time for an employee that could be better utilized doing more productive work for the company.

At Byzantium we believe that secure offsite document storage allows for an organized, effective, affordable solution that can remedy all these issues within your company.

Our secure offsite document storage will free up valuable office space for you to better utilize, boxes taking up offices or extra space do not make your company money and can hinder your companies day to day effectiveness. When files become older and ready for archive we will come and pick them up from your office for transport to our storage facility. Once they arrive at our facility we can index them for easy retrieval in the future using your supplied descriptions should the need for you to access that box arises in the future. We can also scan your documents and give you a digital indexed and searchable listing of all your documents and if you prefer, we also offer the ability to keep hard copy backups of those scans within our Class 3 bullion vault.

Once your boxes have reached the end of their life cycle we can destroy the documents in house and provide you with a receipt of destruction. Storing your files in your office is a hidden cost because while you are not receiving an invoice every month for their storage you are paying rent on your office space, staff labor costs to search through those files, and the purchase and upkeep on file storage cabinets. Offsite storage can be quite cost effective when you look at the hidden money you are spending on document storage. Secure offsite storage aims to make this easier for you. We store the documents for you and at any time you require something from our storage a simple request will have the required documents delivered back to your office.

Storage Options and Pricing