• Gold: $ 1,247.04
      Silver: $ 14.63
      Platinum: $ 796.15
      Palladium: $ 1,234.70

    • Gold: $ 1,247.04
      Silver: $ 14.63
      Platinum: $ 796.15
      Palladium: $ 1,234.70

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Byzantium – Changing the Face of Offshore Gold Storage Industry

Changing the Face of Offshore Gold Storage Industry

In the world of floundering, uncertain and rebuilding economies, investors are looking for a safe, stable alternative to national currency. Gold has always been a stable and staple part of a fruitful investment portfolio. If there is one investment an individual can make, it’s in gold, which has maintained its value over the centuries where various country currency values have diminished.

But the question remains, once you have the gold, where can you store it? Obviously, you want state-of-the-art facilities and personnel that will guarantee security. You want to keep your gold, and other precious metals away from government’s reach, and have access to it whenever you want. It’s also a bonus when this same company can provide assaying and brokering, and look after all aspects of buying, selling, and trading.

These are the kinds of services investors are looking for.

Byzantium is the Answer


Byzantium is revolutionizing gold and precious metals storage.

Byzantium International Ltd. SEZC is the Caribbean’s first and only private vaulting, safe deposit box, individual vault storage, precious metals brokerage, and smelting company. Byzantium began operations on June 1st, 2013 and has invested about $3.5 million into its state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of George Town, Grand Cayman.

Byzantium’s secure, private vaulted storage facility features:

  1. 24-hour accessibility
  2. Over 450 safe deposit boxes
  3. A 200-square-foot, steel Class 3 vault
  4. Wheelchair accessibility
  5. State-of-the-art analytic lab with the ability to analyze shipments of various metals prior to and after smelting the facility also have a precious metal smelter with the ability to swap and deliver to the strict Good Delivery specification issued by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Byzantium is not a bank. Byzantium is privately held and run. It is not bound by the same regulatory frameworks as banks and other financial institutions. This freedom allows Byzantium to offer clients unmatched privacy.

Why the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands are the fifth-largest banking center in the world and, as such, already have a well-developed international financial center. The Cayman Islands have a stable political climate and a government that has created a world-standard regulatory structure to discourage money-laundering and other criminal activity.

It’s easily accessible from both North America and Europe, and in the same time zone as the Eastern U.S. for easy communications. The Byzantium facility is close to Grand Cayman International Airport, which translates into fewer transport steps needed, in turn leads to lower costs and greater security. If you need to move a large quantity of precious metals to the facility, Byzantium also offers private jet service for pickup and delivery.

Trading, Selling, and Brokering

Byzantium can trade gold and silver accurately and efficiently in both financial and physical form. The team of experienced traders is able to facilitate metals trades of any size. Once sampled and accurately assayed, the trained staff can then hedge customer metals on international markets of their choice, through a third party principal company. Clients can lock in their sale price at their convenience. Byzantium also offers third party consignment for future pricing. This allows clients to set “sell” and “no sell” parameters so that their metal will automatically sell when the market hits their personally chosen benchmarks.

Security and Analysis

The security measures, procedures and protocols of the facility have been designed by security specialists surpassing the professionalism and security of most banking institutional facilities,  and ensuring the clients receive the ultimate in secure storage.

At Byzantium, they know that the success of any lab depends on its ability to accurately analyze gold, silver, platinum and other metals. Byzantium’s sampling and assaying practices are among the industry’s most stringent, and the precious metals analytical lab ranks among the world’s best.

The accuracy of every analysis is validated and guaranteed through Byzantium’s demanding and thorough sampling and analytical protocols, combined with a weight calibration program that ensures all scales remain traceable to the international kilogram standard. These capabilities provide customers confidence that every sample is being analyzed to return the most accurate pricing for metal content. Byzantium also has strategic world-wide relationships with some of the foremost experts in alloy processing and precious metals.

Precious metals are weighed on arrival with sophisticated scales which are calibrated and tested quarterly by outside certification specialists. Photographs are taken and witness-signed verifications are in place, which ensure accuracy throughout the whole process. The melting department professionals verify the weight before melting.

The exacting corrected fire assay process provides complete integrity, accuracy and consistency to guarantee clients the most accurate assessment and payment for their materials. There is also an internal XRF (X-ray fluorescence) capabilities which will notify customers of the approximate value of their metals.

At Byzantium, the commitment to integrity begins before a client’s precious metals are received and continues through the entire melting and production process. The built-in safeguards and safety checks eliminate error and ensure integrity and accuracy.

To find out more about Byzantium’s full-service, industry leading facilities, please call (345) 743-6000 or email at info@byzantium.ky.


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