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About Byzantium

Byzantium is the first full service precious metals facility in the Caribbean offering private vaulting, allocated segregated storage, safety deposit box storage, precious metals brokerage and smelting / refining.

Byzantium became operational on June 1st 2013 and has heavily invested into the security and technology of it’s facility.

Located in the heart of George Town, Byzantium smelts, trades and stores precious metals and other high value items including crypto currencies, important documents and cars.

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The Cayman Islands is a well developed international financial center. It is a very politically stable British overseas territory which has all the strength of the United Kingdom backing. The Cayman Islands is easily accessible from North America, as well as Central and South America and is the best choice for offshore storage in the Western hemisphere. The Cayman Islands does not have any taxes or duties on import and export of your precious metals so no additional fees will be added if you decided to move your metals at any time.

Byzantium International is the premier private offshore storage facility located within easy access to North America. Our security measures are some of the best available and include but are not limited to seismic detectors, motion sensors, vibrations sensors, passive infra-red sensors, 24/7 video surveillance, 4500 pound composite Barrier vault door, bullet proof guard room, bio-metric scanning, electronic security monitoring and mobile response for the entire facility. We welcome you to visit our facility and see for yourself why your metals are provided the utmost security at Byzantium.

Currently we offer allocated segregated storage, as well as four sizes of safety deposit boxes as well as large private vaults. Allocated storage and safety deposit boxes are all housed within our Class 3 Bullion vault for the highest level of security available. Private Vaults are located within our secure facility and available for clients that wish to have their own segregated vault.

All metals are tested and weighed before being put into storage, and you are issued a deposit receipt confirming your metals purity and weight. You can request an audit of your metals or be present while the testing takes place if you prefer. Byzantium uses some of the most accurate XRF testing technology available so we can test your metals without causing any damage.

Yes, access to a safety deposit box can only be from an authorized owner. You may then view your valuables in our private viewing room.

That depends entirely on your country’s policies. Consult your tax professional for guidance.

Byzantium offers all clients $10,000 of free insurance on anything stored within our vault, all metals insured are unwritten by Lloyds of London. If clients wish to increase their insurance Byzantium can easily add additional insurance or we will setup a direct insurance policy for you with our insurance company. Having your own policy on your metals allows you to be absolutely certain that the insurance policy contains all the coverage you require and is the preferred method to insure by large and institution clients.

Byzantium is a non-financial institution and as such has no local or international reporting requirements.

Yes, we have partners that are able to assist you with all the setup and structuring of your IRA if needed and have the ability to provide and store all the necessary precious metals for your self –directed IRA.

Yes, we offer a full brokerage service which buys and sells all forms of precious metals including the standard gold, silver, and platinum. We are able to offer you many different options including bullion coins and bars . If you are looking for specialized sizing or products Byzantium is able to use our on-site equipment to custom make any product you desire.

No, we are located in the Cayman Islands which is a “tax free” jurisdiction.

Yes, contact us with the amount and type of products you are interested in and we will send you a breakdown with product discounts based on your purchase volume.

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